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What dog shampoo do you use?

My dog has very dry skin and I need to find a shampoo that will not make his skin worse. Any suggestions?What dog shampoo do you use?
I adopted a pit bull who had CRAZY dandruff. I bought Hylite shampoo from my veterinarian. It is specifically made to help dry skin. Most shampoos will dry out a dog's skin if they are given too many baths. But Hylite is made especially for dogs who have dry skin, and it will not dry out their skin if they are given many baths. I know they make a spray too, that will also help. I think you can also buy this shampoo from the pet store. And another thing that my vet recommends is Selson Blue shampoo for dandruff in humans. I have not tried it on my dog, but the Hylite did help.

Other than that, to help with dry skin you can give your dog fish oil caps. I give my dog one fish oil cap twice daily. You can get something from your vet that will also help, but that is sometimes more expensive. And a good diet can also help with skin. I got my dog from the pound, and she was eating Pedigree. I changed her over to Nutro Natural Choice lamb and rice. This food also really helps a dog's skin and coat. I hope this helps. I know these suggestions REALLY helped my dog, she does not have any more dandruff or dry skin.What dog shampoo do you use?
A good ph balanced shampoo should not irritate your dogs skin. A dogs skin is fairly acidic; just like human skin which keeps a pH of about 5.5. baby shampoo is usually good or Dove hypoallergenic body wash.

However, your dog does not need shampoo'd very frequently. About once a month is all they need or their skin will become quite itchy and irritated.
you can easily and safely use a baby shampoo. very gentle
I sell Watkins so I use their pet shampoo its all natural and it helps keeps fleas,ticks and mosquitoes away from your dog. Very gentle on their skin.
ask a vet
well first off, the dry skin may be directly from the food you are feeding him. wheat, soy, articial preservatives, dies, flavours, and byproducts can cause dry skin. i always recomend eagle pack because of personal experiences and other peoples experiences, and the fact that it is so inexpensive, but better than the leading holistic brands like royal canin and wellness.


Option 1: Medications and Testing

Traditional approaches focus more on control of symptoms through use of medication. It seeks to diagnose and address the symptoms, not the root cause, which means the allergy and medication can continue indefinitely.

Option 2: Natural-Holistic Approach

Our Holistic approach seeks to address the problem nutritionally. Addressed correctly, the allergy will usually resolve and medication can normally be discontinued. Our philosophy is to start first with a holistic, whole-health, nutritional approach to resolving the root cause of the problem. There is far more to resolving allergy and digestive problems than eliminating the offending ingredient, usually a protein source. (1)

Eagle Pack Nutritional Approach To Resolving Dermatologic Allergies—

First, be certain to rule out fleas. If the reaction is year-round, the problem is probably diet related. If the problem is during the summer ‘allergy’ months only, then pollens, etc. may be the primary cause. Sometimes airborne allergies and food related allergies enforce each other. Finding the correct diet may reduce the intensity of the allergy but will not resolve it 100 percent. It is hard to know in advance how a pet will respond to a particular diet. You should see an improvement within 60-days and the problem will often resolve 100%. If your first selection is not effective select from among the other recommendations. For dogs and cats, do NOT feed anything else during the recovery period…NO table scraps, treats, biscuits, rawhide, supplements, chewable medications (unless vital for other reasons and ask your vet if it can be delayed for 30 days), chewies, rawhide. NOTHING, until the problem is resolved.

Science suggests feeding diets with a single protein and a single carbohydrate source. Avoid beef, wheat, soy and dairy, which account for over 68% of skin allergy problems. The diet should be highly digestible and contain high vitamin and mineral levels. The following Eagle Pack diets, kibble and canned, excel in these areas:


Holistic Select® Anchovy, Sardine %26amp; Salmon Meal w/Oatmeal Formula

Holistic Select® Duck Meal %26amp; Oatmeal formula

Holistic Select® Lamb Meal %26amp; Rice with Oatmeal

that was quoted right from their site. if they dont sell that product in your area... id also recomend wellness.

oh and Earth Bath is a great shampoo and conditioner line. it contains no laurel sulphate which acutally dries out skin!! alot of brands have that in their, even though they say its for dry skin...its kinda an oxymoron if you ask me.
I use DrsFosters%26amp;Smiths oatmeal shampoo and conditioner on my Goldens. Their skin is very sensitive and their coats are beautiful.

Go to www.DrsFosters%26amp; they have a wide varitey of shampoos and conditioners for any kind of skin issues.
any oatmeal shampoo would be fine, especially one without a fragrence
My dog has dry skin and allergies and Ive found using an oatmeal shampoo I get from the vets works well.
I used to have the same problem until my vet told me I was bathing my dogs too often. The dry skin comes from not letting natural oils build up in your dog's coat. If a dog is allowed to be outside at least part of the day where they can roll in the grass, get rained on etc. - it is much better than bathing them regularly. Dogs that are healthy and active really do not need to be bathed at all. Our two dogs ( who are very large) stay inside and outside both. They have no odor whatsoever because we are now letting nature take its course. Most dog skin problems come from us treating our dogs as if they are human.
There are many and you can choose . Just see the composition and buy. Try to find some good site for dog care by searching on google and yahoo

To know more visit
Actually, if you buy a normal shampoo, for like extremely dry hair, and mix it with the dog one, then it works amazingly. And its not to bad money wise.

hope this helps

An oatmeal or aloe based shampoo, it will soothe the skin. Vets also have special prescription shampoos just for that sort of problem.

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