Thursday, December 24, 2009

Can I wash my kitten in dog shampoo?

My kitten is 9 weeks old. The shampoo i have isn't flea shampoo, its by Hartz. Aromatherapy, refreshing. Conditioning shampoo with essentail oils for dogs. I know i probably could use flea shampoo for a dog on him. But i wasn't sure about this.Can I wash my kitten in dog shampoo?
The best thing for you kitten is an all natural shampoo. Read the ingredients on the Hartz products and if there are names like sodium laurel sulfate or anything like that, dont use it. Your best bet is a baby shampoo from the health food store, something without ANY chemicals in it. There are natural products at some smaller pet stores now too. The larger chains usually only carry the big name companies like Hartz which usually all have harmful chemicals.Can I wash my kitten in dog shampoo?
uhhh dont
Just as most people said on this post, better not.

If dog shampoo is too strong for puppies, then it has to be for a tiny little kitten, too!

Maybe a little baby lotion or something, until you get some kitten shampoo? :-)

Wish I could see your kitten, I love them. Ours didn't know what to with the litter box either. One day while we cleaned it out, he kept watching us and seemed quite miffed we were messing in it!

From that day on, he used the litterbox with no problem. :-)

So until then, got lots of cute pics of him playing in there! heeheee :-)
I wouldn't use the Hartz dog shampoo on a dog!

Please don't use this shampoo on your kitten. If you must bathe the kitten, use a baby shampoo. It is mild, gentle and won't sting his eyes if you accidently get shampoo in them. Plus it won't dry his skin out.

I used baby shampoo on kittens as young as 12-15 days old. They were orphaned and flea infested. I had no problems with using the baby shampoo. I had to bathe them every 2 to 3 days and their skin never dried out.

If I may give you a little hint. Before you bathe the kitten, get a soft washcloth and wet it with warm water only and use that to wash the kitten's face, ears, chin and back of the head. This way you don't have to run water over his face and he won't be as frightened.

Purrs and Good Luck.
Why can't you just buy some cat shampoo?
Your kitten is too little. I think it is not worth the risk of making him sick. Go with a gentle people shampoo instead. Most kittens are clean as can be without baths. they have a built in cleaning mechanism in their glands or something. My cats havent had a bath in years and they always smell good its amazing how it works.
Hi...first I must tell you that the flea shampoos in the store do not work...the only thing that works against fleas is FRONTLINE..get it at your's not expensive...what happens is the frontline gets in their bloodstream and when the fleas bite them they (the fleas) digest the frontline and works for a good month or so...i have 5 cats of my own and one of them i rescued was infested with fleas and gave it to my others and my 2 dogs..what a mess ...frontline i'm telling you, I have not had another problem since and that was a year and a 1/2 ago.... shampoos and dips only mask the problem they don't take care of it...good luck

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